Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thankful - Day 17

Today I am thankful for doctors, especially my OB/Gyn (who I happen to have seen yesterday - not pregnant, just a regularly scheduled visit).  Without him, I wouldn't be alive.  And neither would either of my beautiful daughters.  He's the same doctor who delivered Kit when he was born so we have a bit of a special connection there as well.

When I was pregnant with Elise, most of my friends who were pregnant at the same time were choosing to see midwives and many were choosing to deliver at either a birthing center or at home.  At the time I felt a little out of place but then I read in the section on choosing a practitioner in What to Expect When You're Expecting that it's best to choose an OB/Gyn if you want someone who will know what to do in any situation and be able to do it, especially should anything go wrong.  I didn't actually expect anything to go wrong but was reassured in my decision that I wasn't as concerned about having someone who was especially understanding or who leaned heavily toward natural birthing techniques (though my OB never pressured me toward any one birthing method).  I definitely think it's a personal decision so I don't mean this to be a judgment at all.  But it turned out that God knew what He was doing in my situation in giving me a doctor who I trusted completely when the time came and an emergency did arise.

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