Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me

Well, not quite yet. But my birthday will be occurring shortly. Therefore, my amazing husband took me shopping today!! Originally, he thought he wanted to surprise me with my present, but then he decided he wanted me to pick it out to ensure I got just what I wanted. Do I have a great husband or what? (Note: If you answered or what, chances are you haven't actually met my husband because he's great!)

This morning we headed first thing (aka around 11am - I blame it on the pregnancy, getting going is slow these days) to Best Buy in order to purchase my new digital camera!!! We had a huge praise-the-Lord moment when the first salesman to come talk to us ended up being our new neighbor! Apparently, he is a professional photographer and also works as Best Buy and his wife works a Claim Jumper (all of which explains why we've had such a hard time understanding what they did since they're both gone at random times). Anyway, back to the story. We explained to him what we were looking for and he pointed us toward a nice little camera that cost half of our budgeted amount! He explained the truth about megapixels and recommended the same camera he has (though I'd assume not for his business since you'd definitely need a different camera to to professional photography).

We decided to go with the camera, got a new memory card (the one from our old camera was 512mb, meaning very few pictures could be stored when using this new camera which takes incredibly better quality photos that our old, cheap camera), and got a nice case (neighbor guy recommended a zipper one since I'm planning to carry the camera in my purse to keep it from getting yicky stuff in it - genius idea that didn't occur to me until he mentioned it). Oh, and this new camera doesn't use a bagillion AA bateries - just one rechargeable battery so we won't have to be continually carrying around AAs when using the camera!

Here are some of my first photos...

Of course, Coco was my first subject.

Then a self portrait.

Coco in his regal pose.

I was attempting to take a photo of Coco and I. At the last moment, he ducked out.

Eventually, I was able to get the mommy/pug shot.

And just so all of Kit's fans don't become irate and start boycotting our blog, he is gone for the evening and wasn't available for the photoshoot. (Despite buying the camera this morning, I didn't charge the battery until late afternoon as I was out and about this afternoon.)

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Melissa Nickerson said...

You totally have a pregnancy glow!! I'm serious. : )