Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sick Days & YouTube

Sick days stink. (A) Because being sick is lame and (B) because sitting around the house being bored is lame. I am, however, trying to think of the little one inside me who does not appreciate me working too hard or not listening to my body's cues to take a day off.

That said, I was able to catch up just now on our church's hilarious Ruth In Stick Figures video from Sunday. (Kit taught Sunday School, and I was his teacher's assistant - good role reversal as I wasn't feeling well - so we missed it.) I decided to share all of the current videos with our friends and family who don't attend our church as they are fantastic. You can also listen to the sermons on iTunes or through our church's website (, which I would highly recommend as our pastor brings amazing truth every week.

Not sure how many episodes are left, but I'll try to remember to post them as they become available.

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