Saturday, November 1, 2008

Second Maternity Purchase, First Baby Purchase

As anyone who has been pregnant knows, your body begins to redistribute weight long before you technically start "showing." I find this fact obnoxious, especially in light of the fact that I already feel like poo most of the time. I know we ate the apple first, but it really is lame that we not only have at least the first trimester worth of nausea, exhaustion, lightheaded dizziness, etc., but also that during that time 95% of innocent bystanders have no idea we are pregnant.

That said, I am very excited to be pregnant!! Some of my pants (including all of my jeans) have become too snug to be comfortable. Last weekend I went to Nordstrom to purchase a Bella Band, which is a microfiber object designed to help keeping tight, pre-pregnancy pants on while unzipped/buttoned and loose maternity pants on while they're still too big. (See below for my photo demostration - can you tell I'm excited about my new camera?) Some utterly foolish executive at Nordstom has apparently decided to sell their entire maternity line online and not in stores. So I ordered a Bella Band through the website in the store so that I could have free shipping. The only problem is, delivery isn't supposed to happen until November 13th. Last weekend I thought I could wait. By this weekend, I knew I couldn't. So today I went to one of the few shops in Portland that sells Bella Bands and bought one. I'm not wearing the best pants for testing it with, but I think I really like it.

I currently have a bit of a baby bump, which gets much larger when I'm bloated. Oh the joys!

While checking out shops with baby and maternity stuff, I came upon another shop (hubby, thanks for finding it online). In this shop, I was finally able to find a baby item to purchase! I've been looking far and wide for a small item that is generic enough for both a boy or a girl so that we can have a cute baby thing around the house. I'm glad I didn't find anything sooner because I love this onesie!!


Unknown said...

"Made in Portland!" THAT IS PERFECT!!!!! I love it:)

Melissa Nickerson said...

Adorable onesie! That band is actually nicer than the ones I've seen...there's (people I've seen wearing them)were probably knock offs or 10 years old...