Saturday, January 10, 2009

Baby Bump

Here's my most recent baby bump photo. I've decided that it's awkward to try to stand facing one direction while looking sideways and trying not to make your body look strangely contorted. Ah well.

On Friday we'll get to see our little one again!!! We're very excited! My mom's coming down for the ultrasound; it'll be wonderful to have the two most important people in my life there to see our newest family member. And we're hoping the baby will be cooperative and let us know whether s/he is a boy or girl. Phew, I'm stoked!


Melissa Nickerson said...

Looking good & prego! Let me know if the babe cooperates (e-mail is fine)...Joel & I will be kicking it at home Friday while Dustin heads out on a youth retreat...Love you, Mel

Unknown said...

Looking MARVELOUS!!!! And London is very excited to see what her cousin will be!!! Yee-haw for FRIDAY:):):):)