Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Another Good Day

Elise's doctor said today that she's continuing to do well and even used the word "fantastic" again to describe how well she's doing. He said she still has the murmur but that the PDA is probably just taking it's time to close. Pray for the closure. She can go home with it still open, but that will mean visits with a cardiologist to follow up. And the fewer doctors we need to take her to the better.

This afternoon during my visit Elise decided to shoot poop all the way to the end of her incubator, coating the incubator wall. It was amazing - like a water fountain but with poop instead of water. The nurse asked if I had a clean diaper down under her dirty one. And, of course, I did. Elise had just kicked that diaper down flat (while I was trying to make sure her bum was good and clean from the poop that was in her dirty diaper) right before pooping. Argh. The nurse ended up having to replace Ellie's incubator entirely because some of the poop dripped down into the base of the incubator. Gross, I know. But she's so darn cute.


Becca Sue Congdon said...

That is such a precious story! lol. Keep that one for the baby book. HAHA!

Claire said...

Hee, Elise's poop story made me giggle! I'm glad things are going well. Praying.


Stephanie said...

Oh Geez...the things they can do are just amazing! Keeping your little girl in my prayers!

Kari said...

I'll be praying for closure! I can't believe how much weight she's gaining... Go Elise!! :-)

Amanda said...

I pray the PDA will close on it's own and that if it doesn't that you are blessed with a great Cardiologist whom you trust and feel comfortable with. Ours is just great, but he's in Las Vegas. :) The poop story made me laugh. Cadence once went through like 5 diapers in one change with one of her NICU nurses, but she never required a new condo change because of it. glad she is able to make you laugh even at such a small age. She'll keep you on your toes :)

Anonymous said...

Well you are officially indoctrinated into parenthood when you are no longer grossed out by poopy issues! There's no going back now it's for life :) Next comes picking their noses for them!

Love you guys. Praying for the PDA.


Anonymous said...

good stuff. praying for you here in alabama and i've added your names to my daily "prayer rock". it's a convoluted story as to how i found your site, but i had a preemie who's doing well at 2 years old now...stay strong and may God bless you.
Kristy Harris
-Wetumpka Alabama

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