Friday, April 3, 2009

Hip, Hip, Hurray!!!

When we got to Ellie's bed today, we were immediately very confused. She was lying on her tummy, which isn't unusual, but she didn't have her CPAP on. So we looked closer thinking she'd have the nasal cannula since that's what the nurses had told us would be the next step. Just as we realized she didn't have the nasal cannula on, her nurse, Donna, came over to tell us that they're trying her breathing completely on her own!!!

We could hardly believe it! Before everyone starts dancing around their room, office, coffee shop, or wherever else you might be, this is just a test to see how she does. She may very well be back on some form of oxygen by the time we get back tonight. But she was doing wonderfully so far and was great the whole time we where there, including through some crying while we took her temperature and changed her diaper and through hiccups while Kit held her.

If she does start to have trouble, they will put her on the nasal cannula. And if that doesn't help enough, she'll go back on CPAP. But at least for our visit this afternoon she was free of tubes in her nose and of her hat and chin strap. SHE'S SO BEAUTIFUL!!!

For anyone who is trying to tell, her hair is Kit's hair color. She seems to also have his hairline, but we'll see. Both Kit and I had white blonde hair as small children so it'll be interesting to see what color Ellie's hair ends up being.

This is how we found her when we first arrived.

This is the best look we've had at her beautiful hair. No more hat hair.

Floating in the sleeper last night's nurse, Lynn, had put her in. (This one isn't ours but Lynn put her in it since it was easier to put on with the CPAP on.)

Taking her temperature.

The last of her cute onesies.

Don't you just want to obey the onesie and give her a huge hug??

Daddy and daughter gazing at one another.

Safe and comfy in dad's arms.

The proud papa.

From April 3, 2009

Ellie stretching right after we woke her up this afternoon.
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Shane & Ambra said...

Way to go Eliie! You are just shining thru! Will keep praying for a speedy recovery!

Rachel said...

What great news!!! I will pray that she will do well and we will continue to see that beautiful face!!!!

Amanda said...

Breathing room air on her own is AWESOME!!! Way to go little girl!

Jennifer said...

WOW, 3 oz in one day?! That's fantastic! Breathing on her own is such wonderful news. Even if she goes back on the machine for a little rest, that is just so exciting! Congrats you guys!

Amy B said...

How cute can one little girl be. I am so excited she is breathing on room air. She is doing wonderful.

~Amanda~ said...

What great news!! She is beautiful! Congrats to you guys!!

Ceece said...

Oh!! This news made me tear up a bit! How awesome to hear. and the picture in the previous post of Coco with the E's little blanket? So darn sweet! ;-)

Heather and Travis said...

Isn't it awesome to walk into those kind of surprises! Those are the absolute best. We will be praying that Ellie continues to go without the CPAP or any oxygen for that matter. Love the new pictures!

Unknown said...

Yahoo way to go Ellie!! She's doing fabulous:):)

Becca Sue Congdon said...


((hugs!!)) for all of you! Yay!

Pam said...

God truly has big plans for little Elise. May she continue to grow stronger and healthier every day! Thanks for all the beautiful pictures - they are just precious!!