Friday, April 3, 2009

Yesterday's Post

Since I didn't post yesterday, here's the information for the post that should have happened.

Elise was up to 3 pounds, 0.9 ounces on Wednesday night. They also moved her to 3 cm of pressure on her CPAP, which I believe actually happened on Tuesday but was forgotten in my Wednesday post. So she was on the lowest amount of pressure possible with the CPAP and was still on room air (21% oxygen).

Last night Elise weighed in at 3 pounds, 3.1 ounces and had been moved from her suite to a bed in the Level 3 area (where she should have started out but didn't due to some re-wiring they were doing in the Level 3 area). She'll be moved back to a bed in the Level 2 area or possibly in the other NICU at the hospital once a space is available. They needed the room she was in for a baby who actually needs to be kept separate so that's why they moved her.

If you thought Ellie was small, the area she's in now is full of babies who must have been half her size when they were born given how tiny they are now and how tiny their little footprints are on the signs on their beds. I feel very blessed for Ellie's progress and am also praying for these other little babies who still have so far to come.

When we arrived last night, we found Ellie at 100% on her O2 saturation with only half of her CPAP in. She managed to have the other tube pressed nicely into her face so that the CPAP was still bubbling (which normally indicates that the CPAP's seal in her nose is good). Here she is...

Showing off her latest cute onesie.
(These are all from a 5-pack of preemie onesies that both of our mom's bought for her. It works out perfectly since I won't be sad if one of the onesies gets lost in the hospital wash rather than sent home with us for cleaning since I have a second set at home.)

Her sweet CPAP skills. If you look closely, the top/right prong is actually next to her nose rather than in it.

At 100% despite having only half of the oxygen she was supposed to be getting.

Looking beautiful after her facial.

Kangarooing with mom.

She was wide-eyed during the first part of our kangaroo care time last night so daddy enjoyed taking photos.

She fell asleep with her cute little arm up.

This is my favorite time of day.

Coco made himself a pillow with the blanket that smells like Ellie. Now that it's in his crate, all he wants to do is cuddle with it while he sleeps.

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