Thursday, April 23, 2009

Nursery, Massage, Ears, Eyes & Weight

So I have to start by saying that Elise's room is turning out to be absolutely adorable! I'm definitely biased, but all the projects I'm working on are turning out even better than I expected. I haven't quite gotten to the projector project (Scott, I'll call you tomorrow about scheduling a time for me to borrow your projector), but today I was able to get most of the other projects done. A little known fact about me is that I love being crafty. I don't usually embrace this part of myself because I'm not much of a hobby-ist and don't take the time to do very many things just for "fun" - my personality is too practical. Anyway, I'm getting to enjoy my artsy side and am loving it! (A good way to take my mind off of all the difficulties of having a baby in the NICU.) I'll post pictures once it's "done."

Last night we went to a NICU infant massage class. Our friends Paul and Susan went too (their son Anthony is the little boy on the ventilator whom I've asked you to pray for). Also in the class was the couple whose little girl is next to Ellie right now. We practiced on dolls in the class and will have an individual session with a trainer soon so that we can begin giving Ellie "formal" massages. It was wonderful to learn about something that can help her so much and that only we can do for her. The teacher told us about how studies have shown that babies get out of the NICU faster and experience many developmental benefits when massaged daily. So we're going to try to work in as much massage as we can. And then when she comes home we'll know all the good massage tricks to help her - including ones to help with gas and constipation. :)

After the class, we had dinner with Paul and Susan, which was great. It's so nice to have friends who are experiencing many of the same things we are. Please pray for them as Anthony has a long road ahead. As of yesterday, the doctors were planning to try him on CPAP on Friday; please pray that this happens or for peace for Paul and Susan if it doesn't happen quite yet. Anthony's been in the NICU since a couple of weeks before Elise was born and will be there when she leaves as well. Pray for continued strength for Paul and Susanas well; they've been rocks for us to lean on, and we can't wait until we hear the news that Anthony's breathing on his own and getting ready to go home. (Ellie's excited too as she and Anthony already have play dates planned.)

Yesterday Ellie had both her ears and eyes checked. Her ears checked out just fine. Her eyes still showed premature retinas, which is completely normal at her age (not sure if I posted about that before, but they showed the same thing at her appointment a couple of weeks ago). She has another eye appointment in two weeks, which will be done as an outpatient if she's discharged before then. Can you believe she might be discharged before then? She might not, but it's crazy to hear the doctor starting to talk in those terms.

As of tonight, Ellie might actually hit the 2 pounds gained since birth mark! Last night she was 4 pounds, 9.8 ounces. Praise the Lord for all the progress she has made.


Stephanie said...

Wonderful progress!!!!

Can't wait to see the nursery pics. I'm so glad that you have people around you that you've bonded with while going through this. It's so helpful to have someone to talk to that knows what you're going through. I'll continue to keep your sweet girl and Paul and Susans son in my prayers!

Kristin Duke said...

I've been keeping up with you guys through Kellys Korner and from the stand point of a mom of a preemie, if they are doing eye and ear exams, you better believe you'll be going home very soon! How exciting for you guys! Congrats!
Mauriceville, TX

Becca Sue Congdon said...

I'm so excited to see nursery pictures! I love what you and Kit have done over the last couple of years in your house - and I'm sure that Ellie's room is going to be absolutely perfect.