Monday, April 27, 2009

Massage & Happy (Belated) Seven Week Birthday, Elise

On Saturday afternoon we had our one-on-one appointment with a nurse certified to teach infant massage. It is definitely on my short list of favorite moments with Elise since she was born. We sat in chairs with a pillow on our laps. Kit and the nurse had dolls, and I had Elise. One of the big parts of infant massage is making sure the baby is enjoying it and stopping and containing (gently wrapping/pressing both hands around the part of the body you are massaging) if they start to give cues that they don't like what you are doing. You contain until they relax, try again and then contain again before moving on to the next thing if they still don't like that stroke.

At the hospital they have you use Aquaphor to help your hands glide easily over baby's skin because it's the only substance proven to not allow bacteria growth, but we're going to buy some grape seed oil (per the instructors' recommendations) for home use.

She was completely relaxed and loving the massage for most of the time. We loved seeing how the leg, feet and tummy massages relaxed her so that she pooped a bunch during them. Good tricks for helping with gas and constipation.

My favorite part of the massage was gently rolling her ankles and wrists in my hands. She was so relaxed and let me have control to help her relax even more.


Overall, Elise is still doing well medically. Her only major obstacle at this point is still learning how to take all of her feedings from a bottle. Although she eats some full feedings, sometimes she gets too sleepy to finish. As she gets older and has more practice, she'll get the hang of it. We're very excited to get her home soon!

Normally babies born at her gestational age come home around 36-37 weeks based on what would have been their gestational age. Elise turned 35 weeks yesterday so we most likely have 1-2 weeks left. That said, they can't ever know for sure exactly how old she is so she could actually be a week older or younger. Either way, it's completely up to how much time she needs to learn bottle feeding.


I also neglected to wish Elise a happy birthday when I posted on her 7-week birthday Saturday. Oops! As she nears the two-month mark, she's also starting to grow out of her preemie clothes! Can't believe she's already growing out of clothes that she would have floated out of when she was first born. She's almost five pounds!


Now on to the fun and videos!

She's too darn cute!

Showing off her cute outfit with ruffles down the front and little bears on the feet.

Looking precious all wrapped up in peach and pink.

Sleeping soundly.

Enjoying her pacifier.

Showing off another cute outfit. This time showing how cute she looks in lavender.

The cute purple ladybugs on the feet of her outfit.

When we came in the other afternoon, we found her asleep with her pacifier pressed into her nose.

Then she moved her arm a bit.

She was getting tired and done with her massage when we went to do her back so we just practiced containment on her back.

She enjoyed simply being contained.

Cute ruffly bum.

A little one-eyed pose for the camera.

Enjoying mommy/daughter time.

From April 24, 2009

Here she is sucking on her pacifier. She's getting really good. If you listen closely, you can hear her making squeaky sounds as she sucks.

From April 26, 2009

You can see all sorts of facial expressions in this video.


K said...

Yeah -- she is so beautiful. I'm so excited that she'll be home with you soon.


Just Believing said...

She's gorgeous!!! I have heard so much great stuff about baby massage!!!

Jennifer said...

Oh yay!!! Such good news! Nothing better than cute girl clothes than a sweet girl to wear them. Glad things are going so well. Five pounds is just around the corner!!!

April Bryant said...

My son is almost 2 and I have to keep him on stool softners, wondering if the message would help him any? He was born at 31 weeks, the doctors have told me to keep him on the stool softners.


Becca Sue Congdon said...

Yay! SO much progress. I'm sure you guys will be so relieved to finally have her home with you. :)

Stephanie said...

She is absolutely precious! Can't wait for the day that she gets to come home..I know you're ready :)

Melissa Nickerson said...

She's looking so healthy Em! Praise the Lord!