Monday, April 6, 2009

Happy Birthday, Daddy!!!

Please join me in wishing Kit a very happy birthday! I meant to post this earlier today but never quite got to it. Feel free to post birthday wishes in the comments! You don't have to have an account to do so - just check the Anonymous box, type in a name that we'd recognize you by, and he'll get the message.

I got Kit this Chicago Bears 2009 Draft hat.

And Kit got Ellie this stuffed monster whom he named Petunia.


Our growing family said...

happy bday!!
don't know ya, but I'm sure your amazing if you married emily!

Rachel said...

Happy Birthday Daddy!! Such great news that she is breathing so well!! Those pictures of her bath and her many expressions - ADORABLE!!!!!

CMC said...

Happy Birthday, Kit!

Hope you had a great day :)

Rachel said...

What a beautiful little miracle. I love the bath pics. and the close up where she is smiling. Praising God with you that she is progressing so nicely.
Hugs and PRayers
Rachel in PA

Unknown said...

KIT!!! HAPPY 30th!!!!!! Wow, we're old dude. but not as old as our parents, and that's the important thing:):):) LOVE YOU!!!!

Claire said...

Hee! I like Petunia! Oh, and happy birthday Kit (you don't know me, but any guy who calls a toy Petunia has to be kind of groovy!).


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kit! Sorry I missed you guys again on Sunday, I'm sure you understand. Petunia is almost as cute as Eli! (is it going to be Eli or Elly?) and she is getting as big as Petunia - Hip Hip Hooray!

Love, Brenda

~Amanda~ said...

Happy Birthday to Kit!!

Nicole said...

Happy belated birthday daddy! i mean kit. you're not MY daddy, although you are A daddy now, which is super dooper awesome and i never said congrats to you and emily (but i was thinking it, and it's the thought that counts, right?!). Anyhow, happy birthday to you kit AND congrats to you both! PS, what a rockin nickname...Ellie...or Ely if you like the Romanian version of an American name :)

your adopted sis
aka Nickalodean Woman
aka the Tree Hugger