Thursday, January 22, 2009


For the past couple of days, I've been having some uncomfortable hardening of my stomach and pelvic pains. This morning I awoke in horrible pain and had to go back to bed because I couldn't sit or stand comfortably. I called my doctor's office shortly after they opened, and they said to come in because I might have a UTI.

The UA only showed slightly elevated leukocytes and no UTI. So then the midwife (my doctor isn't in on Thursdays) said I might be constipated (oh joy) but needed to do a cervical exam to ensure nothing was wrong there. Though my cervix was closed (TMI I know, but someone probably cares about that fact besides me), she thought it might be shortened. So she sent me over the hospital where I spent the next 3.5 hours having non-stress testing for uterine movement to ensure I wasn't having preterm contracts, getting blood drawn and getting an ultrasound for "fetal well being and cervical length."

End of the story is that I'm apparently constipated (though I haven't noticed that I've gone any less than usual) and need to increase my fluids and fiber. Praise the Lord it wasn't anything else!

On the plus side, I got to see Elise again today. She's still a girl and was as adorable as ever. She had her little hands by her face and even posed for a cute side profile photo. I'll post the photos soon - all three are of the same pose but the gal's printer was running out of ink so she tried printing three times. Oh, and during the testing for uterine movement, she kicked a lot - some of which I could actually see moving the monitor and belt that were attached to my stomach.

This also means that I survived my first real trip to the hospital. I went to the ER once for a migraine but that's all my exposure has been. I even had my own room for those few hours in the labor and delivery portion of the hospital. I also got to ride on a gurney (felt super silly) from the maternity center down to the imaging center and then back up again.


CMC said...

I'm glad everything is okay!

The uncomfortable hardening wasn't Braxton Hicks? I've been getting those for a couple weeks now and that is exactly what my OB said mine were and they are totally normal at this point. They still catch me off guard though :)

Can't wait to see the picture!

Emily said...

I was thinking that might have been it, but it might also be related to being stopped up. :)

CMC said...

Ahh gotcha :) Haven't really had the stopped up problem this pregnancy, except for when I was on Zofran for morning sickness - hope you get some relief soon!