Monday, December 22, 2008

A Bit of a Fall

I had a bit of an incident this morning after taking a bath (our shower isn't finished yet) that was apparently too hot and ended up fainting and landing on my hip then my head (or maybe vice versa - Kit wasn't in the room and I remember nothing). I fell from one of our dining room chairs. If you haven't seen them, we have a tall table and chairs so it was a long way to go (I think the chairs are about three feet tall)...and my feet never left the foot rests of the chairs in front of me so I either caught myself with my hip or head. Luckily, I missed the stack of tile near the table by an inch or so or my head might not have fared so well.

I laid down for a while after, drank three 16-ounce glasses of water and ate lunch before going back to work (stuck working from home since we can't get out). After working for about an hour and a half, Kit came in and told me that I didn't look very good and that I needed to stop working. Not wanting to upset the hubby, and I knowing that I did have quite the headache despite taking Tylenol, I stopped. I laid down on the bed with a heating pad under my head/neck which seemed to help with the headache, though my head and neck are definitely still quite sore. After a brief nap, my doctor called back (according to the things we read, you're supposed to call your doctor if you actually do faint while pregnant) from the message Kit had left with his answering service. He suggested Tylenol (which I had already taken) for my headache and said everything should be just fine.

Kit was a heroic husband and took care of me all day. He even gave Coco a much needed bath in the kitchen sink while I was falling asleep. We used to give Coco's baths in our tub so we've kind of been waiting for that, but (a) the bathroom isn't done quite yet, (b) Coco was overdue and starting to smell and (c) our new tub is fiberglass and brand new so we don't want his little claws scratching it up anyway.

Oh, and our nice neighbors from across the street just called to offer to get us anything from the store. Kit looked and realized we're actually low on eggs so they're going to pick us up some. And because (a) I'm pregnant, (b) I have been having this craving for a couple of days (ever since someone else mentioned a similar item on her blog), and (c) I only bought two boxes when we went to the store yesterday (which are nearly gone now, especially since today Kit also discovered that they are delicious), they're also going to pick me up two boxes of generic fruit snacks (i.e. dinosaurs, sharks, etc.). I've eaten quite a few despite trying to ration them and am not sure that I won't go crazy without them.

Here are some photos and a video of our day...

Coco helping me work this morning. Don't mind my un-bathed appearance...Kit cleared all of the remodel stuff out of our bathtub mid-morning (which is when I took my bath - neither of us bathed yesterday, gross).

The view from my office window.

Coco was shivering even after drying off completely from his bath. So we pulled out his Spiderman shirt, and he was actually excited to put it on and lifted his paws for me to put it on.

Kit recharged the batteries for a little remote control car he has. Coco had fun chasing the car.


Unknown said...

Hon I am so sorry about your fall! NOT FUN!! Glad to hear you're ok though!! Sheesh, kinda scary! And I feel your pain about not being able to go see your fam! I'm so sorry, I had no idea you even had the trip scheduled. Why is it when it rains it pours huh?!? I am hopeful that we will be able to come down sometime in January of Febuary. I am really going to be bummed if i can't see you until after our babies our born!! sniff sniff. Hopefully the weather will improve!

Emily said...

Waking up this morning, I see that I'm definitely not feeling 100% - my head is throbbing and I strongly wish I were back in bed despite being able to sleep in and work at home. Yuck!