Monday, December 8, 2008

Dear Santa, From Coco

From what I see on TV, the reason I didn't get much for Christmas last year is because I didn't write a letter to Santa. Since I don't have thumbs and can't write an actual letter, I'm hoping Santa reads blogs.


Dear Santa,

You missed me last year for Christmas and the year before too. But the third time's a charm, right? Since you're a little behind on giving me gifts, I'm going to cut you some slack and let you give me three year's worth of presents this year. If you can't do it, feel free to use other people to give me things on this list as well. Here is what I would like...

1) Bones (pork bones like the one mommy and daddy bought me recent from Meat for Cats and Dogs)

2) Money to buy bones (the one mommy and daddy bought me was only $2 so I think about $2,000 would do)

3) More Kitty toys (see previous posts about kitty, I've succeeded in demolishing two kitties recently and would like more so that I don't go through withdrawals when this final one dies)

4) More bones.

5) More money.

6) More kitties.

7) A Ferrari.

Thank you, Santa. I trust you understand that gravity of this situation as it relates to my belief in you. Should I not receive anything from my list, I am afraid I will have to stop believing in you.

Wanting to believe,
Coco Wagner, Pug

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