Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happy, Healthy & Kicking

Kit and I went in for my 17-week check up today. The baby's heartbeat sounds good and apparently I've only put on 3 more pounds. So I'm at about 5 pounds gained total.

My doctor's not really into caring much about weight gain as long as the baby is healthy (and has been that way since my mother-in-law saw him during her pregnancies nearly 30 years ago) so I didn't get any praise. But I am glad. We don't own a scale so I always get a little nervous that I'll go in and get a lecture about gaining too much like I hear about friends getting.

Oh, and this time the nice assistant remembered that I'm not a skinny as she'd like to think I am and went straight for the 150 starting point when weighing me. It's never fun (though it's quite humorous for me personally) to watch them try lower and then have to slide the weight the end only to start over at the next 50-pound bracket. I haven't been under 150 pounds since junior high/early high school so it's always slightly humorous to me that anyone would think I was that light. But I've been told I hide it well so I guess I should take it as a compliment.

And for those who don't know me well enough, I could really care less about my actual weight in numbers so don't get worried that I'm not going to put on enough weight with the baby for fear of the scale. I'm just glad that my eating hasn't gotten too out of control so that loosing the weight later won't be as difficult (which is a healthy mentality according to all of the pregnancy books and websites).

Finally, I am fairly positive I felt the baby kick this afternoon!!! I've decided s/he must enjoy moving most (a) when I'm working and (b) when I have a hard object approximately 1.5 inches thick near her/him. Normally I feel the most movement at work sitting at my desk, with my desk touching my tummy. And today I worked from home and felt the kicks while sitting on the couch with the bottom of my laptop leaning on my tummy.

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