Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas in the Wagner Household

Well, we finally made a decision as to what to do about decorating for Christmas: buy all new stuff! Don't worry, we didn't go all out; we just bought the basics. On Thursday after work, Kit and I went to Fred Meyer and bought:

- a 24" pre-lit Christmas tree (pot included) | $7
- a pack of Blazers candy cane-shaped ornaments | $6ish
- three stockings (I had already bought a little one at Target for the baby so Kit, Coco and I got new stockings) | $4.50

So less than $20 later (and a run through the Elf soundtrack), we're officially decorated! We decided not to put the tree in the front window like we usually do with our bigger tree because a little tree doesn't hide presents as well from bad guys. (Little do the bad guys know, we have a little budget so it wouldn't be worth breaking in to steal our presents.) Instead, we set up in our family room on a side table. Here are the results.

Coco breaking in his new stocking.

The "mistletoe."

The decorated tree.

The Blazers ornaments.

Our stockings (baby, Coco, mommy, daddy).

The full picture.

The full picture with presents.

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