Saturday, December 27, 2008

Cooking & Cars

Yesterday I was determined to cook Kit a real dinner since it's been months since I've really felt up to cooking (especially after a long day at work) and I can't really argue with my would-be chef husband since he's an amazing cook and loves cooking. Anyway, I got slightly distracted (which seems to happen more often now that I'm pregnant) and started looking at various baby information and decorating ideas and then realized it was already 5:20pm. I came out of our library still determined to cook dinner and told Kit the options.

Apparently none of the options that I had picked out earlier in the day (when going to the grocery store with his dad since I haven't been able to get out of the house for a week) sounded good to him. So what did he pick? Canned chili.

We quickly realized that it has apparently been too long since I lasted cooked. First, I pulled out a cutting board on which to cook the chili. Kit then helped remind me which pot was actually big enough for the amount we were making, and I was off to the stove. (After a few jokes about sticking the cans in the oven and microwave.)

Well, I got to cooking and Kit went to get things set up in the library for us to watch some Pretender online (great older show for anyone who hasn't seen it - I used to watch it with my parents every Saturday night). The chili seemed to be taking a while to cook, but I was being patient and it definitely seemed to be beginning to bubble at the bottom of the pan when I stirred. Kit had come in and out a couple of times before looking at the stove. I had the chili on the front burner but had turned on the rear burner.

Sheesh! I went from being quite the little chef myself to not being able to cook canned chili in a matter of 3 months. What is this world coming to?


Now for the cars part of the story. When heading back to eat our chili, Kit noticed that our new neighbor across the street had her car stuck at the end of their driveway and was trying to shovel her way out. She had apparently decided to try to go out in her Mazda while her husband was at work with their Jeep. Well, we were starving and took the low road. We ate dinner. When we finished, Kit realized she was just giving up and we felt immensely bad for not going out in the first place.

So we bundled up, Kit grabbed our shovel, and we headed over. We think her hubby took their snow shovel with him so she shoveled with their garden shovel and Kit shoveled with our garden shovel. (I just stood and offered socialization since my pregnant body seems to be able to handle very little these days.) We were finally able to get her car all the way into the driveway with room for their Jeep as well. Kit was awesome and helped push the car quite a few times, which is actually what made all the difference.

A couple of minutes after we got her car in the driveway, a taxi got stuck right down the street from us. So off Kit when again while I talked with Caitlin (that's the neighbor's name). Kit ended up meeting another neighbor, Adam, who came out to help with the taxi driver as well. After much shoveling, they were finally able to get the taxi out.

All in all, it was quite a productive night. And I got to have a long conversation with our nice neighbor! I've only met her once (when their Jeep was stuck in the street when we walked to the store last Sunday), but she's super nice and we even have some mutual friends. Oh, and her husband is the guy I mentioned on my post about getting my new camera - the one who helped me pick it out and saved us quite a bit of money.

Well, this might be one of my most lengthy and wordy posts. And unfortunately, it doesn't come with pictures.

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