Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Trip to the Store

Normally, a trip to the store is no big deal. Today, however, we trudged a little over two miles round trip in the biting wind and some sleet to get groceries. Somehow I managed not to think of getting groceries earlier in the week (which I blame on being pregnant - don't seem to have my same thinking ahead skills these days).

We figured out early in our venture that walking in the middle of the road, following tire tracks, was the best route. And we wore our golf shoes so we didn't have any slips or falls, though Kit did remind me to fall on my bum if I were to fall - per the orders my doctor's assistant gave him at my appointment on Wednesday. Heading to the store the wind was at our backs, but so was the sleet. Our backpacks had a frozen layer of ice on them when we got into the building.

Between my asthma and lack of energy from the little one growing inside me, I was exhausted when we got to the store and felt like I was going to pass out the whole time. I've been craving many foods since being trapped at home Saturday morning; however, nothing sounded good at the store so I'm afraid I may not have bought enough of those foods. I did buy two boxes of generic fruit snacks - sharks and dinosaurs - and have eaten two delicious pouches. We grabbed a bottle of water and a bottle of Gatorade before checking out and sat on a bench at the front of the store drinking those before setting out again. (I also made a quick trip to the bathroom after drinking said liquids.)

On the way home, the crazy gorge wind (which is still pretty heavy even in our part of Portland near I-84) was frigged on faces so I stared at the ground the whole time because I didn't think to bring a scarf. Kit was our eyes for the walk, and by the time we turned on our street and had the wind blowing at our sides instead of fronts, he had a thick layer of ice on his glasses and could barely see.

Our new neighbors across the street work in retail and were trying to get off our street when we got back. Another neighbor was shoveling snow away from their tires just so they could back up into their driveway again. We saw them spend more time trying to de-ice their windows, and now their Jeep is gone so I guess they made it out. The crazy snow storm has begun again though so I hope they make it home okay.

Kit painting a model yesterday while I read a book.

Coco chewing his bone while daddy painted.

A demo of Kit's model painting skills.

Kit taking Coco potty last night.

Coco looking for a good spot.

Coco piddling on his favorite branch.

The ice on the tree in our front yard.

The snow falling right now.

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