Sunday, December 14, 2008


Part of the plan for today was to finally put up our Christmas tree and decorations. We realized, however, that items from the bathroom remodel we are currently having done (more on that later) are blocking access to the side of the garage attic that has the Christmas decor. I was excited to do my Christmas decorating in snowy weather for the first time, but the snow makes for a really cold garage. And neither Kit nor I had an intention of spending more than a few minutes out there. So much for that...maybe another day.

I just got the call that my office decided not to open until 12 tomorrow. Forecasters are saying the cold tonight will lead to lots of ice so I'm glad not to need to trudge out until later in the morning. Either way I was planning to take the bus and MAX, but now I won't need to do so until later in the morning. The only downside is that we don't have a shower (due to said bathroom remodel) so I won't get to bathe until around 11:00 (my planned arrival time at my coworker's condo near our office).

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