Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Correction & Some Updates

I must start this post by clearing up a bit of confusion regarding the bath Ellie's nurse, Merissa, gave her recently (see post titled "Lower Pressure"). First, the bath that Kit and I gave her a couple of weeks ago was with paper towel like cloths (like a cross between a paper towel and a really soft cloth that is disposable).

Since I knew Merissa didn't actually bathe Ellie in a little tub of water, I figured she used the same type of cloth and referred to them as paper towels in that post. (a) They aren't literally paper towels, and (b) Merissa actually used a wash cloth. :) Lorna was showing Merissa the blog, and so today Merissa made sure to clarify with us that she wasn't washing our baby with paper towels. I knew this (though not about the wash cloth), but it could quite easily be confused by readers. Sorry! Our nurses really our fantastic, and we love the job they do in caring for our precious little girl.


Now for the updates. Ellie weighed in at 3 pounds, 0.5 ounces last night. We're so proud of her and can't believe how big she's getting. Yesterday they increased her feedings to 16 cc every two hours, and today she was up to 17 cc every two hours. Her calories are still at 27, with 20 calories occurring naturally in an ounce of milk and 7 calories being fortified.

I asked the doctor today if there are weight requirements for her coming home since we've been asked by quite a few folks. The doctor said that they don't actually have weight requirements since every baby is different; however, the average weight for a baby born at Ellie's stage to go home at is 5 1/2 to 6 pounds. The main requirements will be for her to breath on her own and to be able to "nipple" (aka eat), which all goes back to the "suck, swallow and breath" concept.

And now on to some cute photos...

Showing of her beautiful eyes.

Looking for her daddy.

All cuddled up with her blankeys.

Her adorable little legs and feet are getting bigger.

Mom and daughter her her cute pink and brown onesie.

She looks good in brown.

Isn't this onesie adorable?


Heather and Travis said...

I love that little onesie. Precious!

That is awesome that she is growing, growing, growing!

Shane & Ambra said...

She is so adorable! I miss those days when Lilly was that small, but not the NICU days!! Ha She looks like a little baby doll in the little onesis. Don't worry about the weight, my first preemie came home when he was 3.12lbs. Lilly (third preemie) came home at around 6lbs. Ellie seems to be tracking very well, so I am guessing she will be about 5lbs. Thanks for keeping us posted on your little miracle. Will keep praying for you guys!!

Rachel said...

I love the onesie!! She really is so sweet - especially in that one looking for daddy =)!

Tina said...

She is amazing! she really is getting big! Good job

Jennifer said...

what a stylish little cutie! CONGRATS on 3+ lbs!!!!

I just made an appt for my little guy at st v's for late next month (kidneys). hopefully you'll be home by then!

Amanda said...

Yes, that is one adorable onesie!!! And I love to see how happy Mommy is too! that's great news about the increased feeds. Way to go for continuing to pump- it's awfully hard work, but so worth it.

Becca Sue Congdon said...

What an adorable onesie. Very good pick! :)


Theresia said...


I fund your blogg through Christi. I love reading about how good your little girl is doing. I have a request, could you maybe put something next to her in some pictures so you can get a better idea of how big she is, like a one dollar bill or something like that. I'm from Sweden so have a hard time with pounds and inches that dosen't give me a good "pictures" of how big she is... thats why my English might be hard to understand... It is great reading and I'll keep praying for her... God Bless

Unknown said...

She looks great! I love all the cute outfits!

Rebekah said...

She is beautiful ... I am SO happy for you and your family ... You will remain in my thoughts and prayers ... GROW Elise GROW!

God Bless!

Rebekah and Family

Chelsea said...

Hi, you don't know me, but I started following your story after I saw that your baby was at St.V's. I had both of my girls there and I was also born there! Anyway, I was leaving the parking garage today after an appointment there and I think I saw you guys walk right in front of my car! I hesitated a moment too long trying to figure out if it really was you, but I would have loved to tell you in person that I am praying for you and your sweet Elise!