Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lower Pressure

Today's call from the doctor brought the good news that they've lowered the pressure on Elise's CPAP. She's down from a five to a four. This has to do with the number of centimeters of water in which the CPAP some point I'll probably want to figure out how the CPAP works. But for now, we're just praising God that she continues to grow stronger each day.

She was up to 2 pounds, 13.6 ounces last night. They weighed her right after we changed the biggest poopy diaper we've (Kit and I) seen her have so the gain couldn't have entirely been her just needing to have a bowel movement. Again, we're am praising the Lord that she is growing!

This morning her nurse, Merissa, gave her a little "sponge" (paper towel) bath - she loved it again (guess she really does appreciate being clean).

A nurse sent home one of the blankets Ellie has used for Coco to get used to her smell. His response was quite funny. We won't let him actually keep the blanket for long periods of time because he seems to want to gnaw at it (don't worry - he won't gnaw on Ellie), but it was quite humorous to see his initial response. And guess what?!? We captured it on video for you. Enjoy!

This afternoon we got to change her blanket and then wrap her up into an Ellie burrito. Not bad for our first blanket change. (You might notice though that she's longer than usual...we didn't put her feet up by her belly because she was enjoying stretching out.)


From March 25, 2009

Click on the picture above or the link below the picture to watch the video. (And make sure to have your volume turned up to hear Coco's snorts.)


Rachel said...

Great news!! We too have a pug and we do the same thing before we bring the kids home =). With our first we gave him one of her hats from the hospital and he kept it FOREVER!!

Claire said...

I love the picture of you and Elise! Beautiful girls!