Friday, May 8, 2009

Another Spell, Infant CPR & Immunizations

Last night at the end her 11:00 feeding Elise had another big spell. This time was actually worse than the one a couple of days ago, and it hurts me to know I wasn't there for my baby girl during it and to comfort her after. The nurse actually had to give Elise oxygen (which the nurse came close to doing while I was there for the one a couple of days ago), but they said she came back okay with the oxygen.

Tonight Kit and I took the infant CPR course. It involved a respiratory therapist from the NICU, a DVD from the American Red Cross, two infant CPR dummies, and two sets of fake lungs (fancily-shaped plastic bags). Although I came close to crying during the silly fake scene with an older couple where the wife had to give the granddaughter CPR while the husband called 911, the course went smoothly. Kit has taken many a CPR course from when he was a lifeguard; however, it was a good refresher on the infant part since there isn't a lot of need to do infant CPR at most pools. Of course, we hope to never have to use the training, but it's good to know we have it if we need to.

Elise had her final immunization two-month today. Both yesterday and today she cried more than she did for the first one. Today she cried the most - partly because the nurse was pushing on the spot where she got her immunization two days ago to assist her in finding a spot for the one today (they've been switching back and forth between thighs) and partly because I think she knew what was coming. Last night she was running a bit of a fever when we visited, and I think that was largely due to the nurse not giving her Tylenol when she gave her the immunization. Last night's nurse gave her Tylenol, and today the nurse did give her the Tylenol with the immunization.

We're getting closer to bringing her home but still don't know when she'll be ready. I didn't get to talk with the doctor today but plan to ask tomorrow about his plan with these spells since he's the main doctor who works in this NICU.


Our growing family said...

praying for you!=) Hope she has a better few days this weekend!
SO excited for when you get to bring her home!

Anonymous said...

Oh Emily..I was sooo hoping Elise would get to go home for Mother's Day! What a perfect Mother's day it could be. (I prayed all week that it would happen..and maybe it still could?) I am very impressed with all the training you and Kit are getting. I know Ellie will be coming home soon and then you will really be in the clouds, spoiling her with all of your love!! Prayerfully, Aunt Rae

Claire said...

I'm praying for you guys and the little one, as ever. I hope you have a lovely Mother's Day!