Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Day of Firsts

This morning Elise had her first big spit up since being home. She had a few smalls ones, but this one involved her spitting up what I would estimate to be nearly all of the 50 cc (1-2/3 ounces) that she had already eaten. It was a feeding involving her vitamins so I think that the flavor (which Kit informed me yesterday is supposedly "cherry" according the the bottle - yeah right, maybe rotten cherries mixed with cod liver oil) just didn't sit right with her. And guess where the spit up went...all over my tank top and shorts. Yum. Luckily I hadn't actually showered or dressed for the day.

Initially this post was going to just be about the spit up adventure. Because what adult doesn't wish that their mom had documented the day in which they had their first large, projectile vomiting experience at home? But Elise had other plans.

Following the spit up, I put Elise down for a nap to get some things done around the house while Kit went to work on a school project. When she awoke, she helped me get her bottle ready (aka fussed while pooping in my arms as I got her bottle ready). Then I went to change her while her milk warmed. It was clear as I took her diaper off that she was probably still working on filling said diaper so I attempted to hurry. However, the substance already in the diaper was rather persistent and difficult to remove from her bum so it was taking longer than I wanted.

It was during this time that she had a huge blow out. Huge as in all over both her dirty and clean diapers, all over the wipe I was holding, all over my hands and nearly up to my elbow (no exaggeration), all over the receiving blanket I had under her on the changing pad to swaddle her with and to keep the changing pad cover from getting dirty in just such a situation, and even a little on the actually changing pad cover.

Many wipes, another diaper, lots of Purell (for my hand and arm), clean clothes (she didn't actually get it on her other clothes but was due for an outfit change), a clean changing pad cover and a clean receiving blanket later, she feels much better. Oh, and I wish I had my camera handy right after she did her deed because she had the cutest look on her face. Her eyes were wide open and darting around and her little mouth was in the shape of a small "o" as if to say, "Oh, well, hmm, that felt surprisingly good."

In bed awaiting new clothes while I cleaned up the mess on the changing table.

All clean!

How fun are those ruffles?

I know this is blurry, but her little pouty face is just too darn cute!

Update 5/28: I realized I forgot to mention another first of Elise's from this day. She watched her first movie - Top Gun. Much like her friend Anthony who recently watched his first movie at home, she slept through the whole thing.


Becca Sue Congdon said...

That has to be the best story ever! Definitely tops Ethan's "blowout onto the wall" story. Good job, Ellie! lol.

Christina said...

That Pout is Adorable!

Amanda said...

Up to your elbows in poo and sporting a little vomit on your unshoweredself- welcome to motherhood! The pout is adorable.

Katie said...

Elise is just PERFECT! So adorable. :-)

Stephanie said...

They're always so proud of themselves after they make a mess :) When Allie was tiny she messed so bad one night I had to cut her clothes off to avoid getting it all over her face and throw everything away.

Becky said...

What a cute story! I have been following your story for a while, and I know you wanted people to mention it. I am letting you know I love your blog! I too was born a preemie 24 years ago (3 months early)and spent lots of time in the NICU and finally came home on my actual due date. But, here I am 24 years later, happy and healthy! :) Congrats on having your precious Elise home!

Unknown said...

Wow, reading that just makes me so eager to have a baby now poop and all :) I bet Kit was so disappointed to have missed the action. Hope to see you all soon!

Susan Carson said...

Okay, now I know for sure that Elise and Anthony are cosmically connected, because he did a VERY similar thing to Paul this morning- a blowout all over 2 outfits, the nursing pillow, Paul, and Paul's clothes. I think our little guys enjoyed a big laugh over that! Looking at Elise's pictures, it's hard to believe someone who looks so angelic can be responsible for such havoc! Joy in Babyville!

Matt & Sharon Mormance said...

That little pout of hers is SO cute - how fun that you caught it on film. :-)

Eliana used to make that face all the time - not so much now. I kinda miss it.