Saturday, May 2, 2009

Busy, Busy

Yesterday Elise's doctor said she should be able to let us know Monday of the official day for Elise to come home. Hurray! Tuesday morning she's scheduled for another eye exam so we know it won't be before then as they said it doesn't make sense to discharge her and then have her come back the next day to get her eyes checked.

She's been doing really well on her feedings. Today she took both of the feedings I gave her; not sure how she did for the nurses this afternoon as I completely forgot to ask. Generally though she seems to be improving a little more each day.

This morning I got the car seat base installed, and tonight Kit happily carried her car seat into the NICU. I took a few photos that I'll share later. Can't believe we finally got to be "those" parents (the ones all the other NICU parents see bringing in the car seat and are happy for but also at least slightly jealous of knowing their baby gets to go home soon).

We've still be taking photos, but I haven't managed to find time to take them off the camera and re-size them to post on here. I will do so soon though because I'm sure we will take a bit of a blogging hiatus when Elise is first home. We've been busy getting all of the final preparations done.

Today my cousin, Monica, and our good friend from church, Beth, threw me a wonderful baby shower. It was so fun to see a mix of family and friends from the neighborhood, work (current and past) and church. I definitely had the most social interaction that I've had since before Elise was born so I'm feeling exhausted tonight, but I had a great time and Elise made out with lots of great clothes, blankets, etc. My close friend, Stephanie, made her the most adorable diaper bag and changing pad. I'll have to get photos of her loot and post them also.

Well, I should definitely get some sleep and have a few things to get done before going to bed. More later.


Heather and Travis said...

Oh, I remember the car seat day! It was the best feeling in the world. For months we had watched other parents carry there seats in and take their babies out. I so longed for that day. Congrats to all of you!!! I am so excited and thankful that she will be going home soon!!!

Amanda said...

That is so conflicting at times to see other car seats being brought into the NICU. Some days I was really excited for the happy family that was going to be united at home finally. And other days, I can darkly admit, I was insanely jealous and thought it just wasn't fair. (And the happy people who got to bring their healthy full term babies home after their little 3 day stays- sheesh, Satan certainly did a number on my emotions when I saw them at times too.)

But car seat day for the Wagner Family is SO exciting!! And a Baby Shower to boot, something so simple and normal and OH SO FUN! Very happy for you all. We had to wait until a Wednesday morning for Cadence's eye test that morning to see if we could bring her home that day. I was SO nervous but excited. Praying you get good news on Monday and even better news on Tuesday!!!

Becca Sue Congdon said...

I'm So excited to see pictures of the nursery!!! Yay!