Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I Am Remiss

As a proud aunt, I have fallen down on the job. My sister-in-law had her beautiful baby girl, London Elizabeth, on Friday. Both mom and baby are doing well. Kirsten and I were due one day apart so London is about the age Elise should have been were she to have been born full term.

Congrats, Kirsten and Benji! Boston, welcome to the whirlwind that is being a big sister! London, welcome to the crazy family!

And speaking of my due date, today is it. Or today was it. It's strange to think about having an 11.5-week-old on your due date. We know quite a few people who are due right around now and who have just had their babies, and I will say that there's a mourning process for me in not getting to experience having an identifiably pregnant belly (strangers had really just begun to finally say something to me about being pregnant when I had Elise) and actually going even close to full term. When/if we have another baby, if I do go full term, I'll have no idea what I'm even doing. We never even went to childbirth classes. :) (For those who have gone full term with babies, no need to explain the discomfort, readiness to be done, etc. I do know that going full term isn't necessarily the most pleasant experience, but it is something I missed out on so I'm a bit bummed. But having my beautiful, healthy baby girl is completely worth it!)

For those of you inclined to look at a calendar closely, the due date I had been given and the one the hospital used were slightly different. I'm not actually sure where the hospital got their date or even how they count in the hospital since everyone seems to have their own way, but I do know that at one point the NICU doctor said that Elise actually seemed a week younger than they were estimating so I guess it really does all come out in the wash anyway.

And because I'd be doubly remiss to neglect posting photos of my adorable baby girl. Here she is after our walk this evening.

This walking business is tiring.

Enjoying some tummy time. And discovering that it's a great way to get out some of her gas. When she's 13, she's going to love that I blogged about that discovery.


Stephanie said...

I think it's completely understandable that you were alittle remiss in your auntly duties :) Congrats on the new little one in the family!

Love the pics of Elise...she's a doll!

K said...

I think it's perfectly natural to feel the way that you do about not going full-term. Yes, there are discomforts - but there are also joys and discoveries in the process. They just get to be reserved for next time when/if you have another kiddo. :) I've been thinking about your due-date - do you think she would have been about this size full-term?

Anonymous said...

Love the new pics, as always. Kate has the same green sleeper outfit. :)

You definitely should "mourn" the fact that you didn't get to have the full pregnancy experience. I think that's healthy and important for you to do. Of course you are so thankful for Ellie, regardless of when she arrived, but it is ok to admit you are sad to have missed out on the full 40 weeks.

When do we get to come meet Miss Ellie anyway?!?!

Love, Martha

Anonymous said...

hey there...i have yet to go full term either!! haha!! 4 pregnancies and 4 preemies....but you know what? all of it is so worth it!! and every single one of them is totally fine and top of their class!! i am happy for you and elise is gorgeous! i love looking at her chubby cheeks!! they are so pinchable!! i will continue checking back and i hope she continues to grow as perfectly as she is!! you did a good job ms. emily! (and you too kit) bethany (from paconc)

Becca Sue Congdon said...

Happy Due Date! :)

I think this post about the tummy-time/gas relief method needs to make it's way into the baby book. If she and Ethan end up getting married, they're going to have quite an entertaining set of "when you were a baby" stories to pass around at their wedding. lol.

Melissa Nickerson said...

Em, I'm so glad you are enjoying having Elise home. Of course you would, but it's been long awaited. Love you guys! Mel