Monday, May 4, 2009

Car Seat Challenge Number 1 & Immunizations

The doctor called just a bit ago. Last night they did Elise's car seat challenge, which she must pass in order to come home. They hook her up to her usual monitors in addition to the pulse oximeter (not sure if I ever remembered to say they had taken the pule ox off, but they did so a couple of weeks ago) to ensure the O2 saturation in her blood stays at the right level and that her heart rate stays up as well.

We figured everything would go well since she's now 5-1/2 pounds (well over her car seat's 4 pound requirement) and has been doing so well over all.

We didn't get the news we had hoped for. She failed the challenge. I asked the doctor if it was Elise or the car seat. He said it was Elise. She's just not ready yet.

I was folding laundry when he called - Elise's laundry. Last night I put all of her new blankets, bibs and hats from the shower, the Boppy cover, the bouncy seat cover and her newborn clothes in to wash and dry. Wanted to make sure everything was ready so that when they told us today of the exact day we could take her home, I would know everything was just about ready for her.

As soon as I hung up the phone, I cried. A few minutes later, I called Kit - still crying. The doctor called back, luckily after my crying had died down a bit. I was hoping he was calling to say he made a mistake and that Elise had actually passed the car seat check. But it wasn't meant to be.

The doctor was actually calling again because she's due for her first round of immunizations. He recommended doing them while she's in the hospital since they can continue to monitor should she experience any apnea episodes, which I guess occasionally happens. More than likely she may just run a fever and be a little less hungry. The nurses are supposed to give me some paperwork this afternoon, and the doctor will follow up with us tomorrow to find out our decision about whether to have her get them in the hospital or at the pediatrician's office. Kit and I talked and we both believe it's best to have her get them in the hospital, though doing so may add a few days to her time in the NICU if she does start having apnea episodes.

So our little girl isn't quite ready to come home yet. Please pray that she continues to progress, tolerates her immunizations well and is ready by the time they do her next car seat check at the end of this week. And please pray for Kit and I as we process the disappointment of not getting an exact date and of continuing the waiting.

I was going to post photos this morning but understandably don't quite feel up to it right now. So I'm going to work on housework and will plan to post the photos tonight.


Shane & Ambra said...

I know how hard it is. You feel so let down, but just hang tight. it is better they caught this now, than later. Praying for a speedy recovery!

Amanda said...

Oh Emily that must have been so hard to hear! I know how much your were looking forward to having your little girl in her carseat on her way HOME to that nursery that I am sure is just gorgeous. I'm sorry you have to wait a little while longer. I guess on the plus side, it will be a little more reassuring to have her in the NICU if she does have a slight reaction to the immunizations. I can imagine it would be worrisome to have her home but spike a little fever and have to agonize over if it's a sign that something is wrong or just the immunizations. Have they said if she'll be coming home on any monitoring equipment when she does come home? Looking forward to seeing pictures of your nursery. I'm glad the project gave you a chance to keep your mind preoccupied and use your creative talents. Still praying.

Heather and Travis said...

I know how disappointing this can be. I am so sorry that she didn't pass the car seat challenge. Just know that she is doing so well and that it won't be long before she is home with you guys. I know the wait is terrible. I have read other blogs where the babies didn't pass their tests and came home in car beds instead. Sometimes they are just so tiny that certain positions are hard for them. I will be praying that the immunizations go well and that she will pass the second test. Hang in there!

Stephanie said...

Praying for you today! I can imagine that they disappointment must be there since you were so wanting to know exactly when your sweet girl was coming home. She'll get there though...she just needed alittle break for a day or so..she's been progressing so well she just got alittle tuckered out :) Can't wait to see the new pics!

Martha said...

I'm so sorry Emily and Kit--I know you were hoping for an earlier release date home.
Still praying...

alexandrea said...


my little one failed the car seat several times
1st time- due to the base not being used,in turn, the angle of the car seat was all off, when they are still little this can throw them off.\
Take the base in and have them use it for her next time.
2. we came home on o2, our baby has a asd, no apnea spells though, but on 2nd test, it was actually the car bed her o2 had come disconnected, she failed withing 5 min
3rd time- was doing great, had 5 min to go, had a urpy, and failed , she only had 5 min to go.

4th time- she finally passed, the base was used angle were correct and I was ther during the test to make sure all went ok, it was the longest 1 1/2 hour in my life. ( not really)

~Amanda~ said...

I know you are disappointed, but remember, it's all in HIS timing! She will be home soon! :) Keep trusting in Him!

Melissa Nickerson said...

Em, sorry to hear this disappointing news. We will keep praying! Love, Mel

Anonymous said...

Emily & Kit,
I am sure that you are very disappointed by this last event, but I will pray all will work and baby Elise will surely be home soon ! I can't wait to see the new pictures when you feel like posting them. Just give her lots of love and hugs each day. You two seem to have handled Elise's premature birth so well and I am sure you are and will be wonderful parents. Try to be patient and remember she is where she needs to be until they are certain she will do well at home.
Hugs to all three of you !

Raelyn Blank said...

Emily, There have been many times tears have filled my eyes just reading your blogs. Your trust in our Lord is huge, so try to remember that He only gives you what He knows that you can handle. I'm constantly praying for all three of you and am amazed at the answered prayers and your little miracle daughter!! I can hardly wait to have a home visit and pray that will be soon. Love, Aunt Rae

Becca Sue Congdon said...


One day at a time. I'm sure you guys know the importance of that more than anyone we know. We're praying for you guys and anticipating your joy in bringing Ellie home!