Monday, May 4, 2009

Photo Catch Up

Well, I just looked to see when I last posted photos and realized it has been 8 days. Oops. I seriously don't know how people who blog and post photos every day do it. I guess they don't post as many and maybe they are better at selecting the photos quickly. I don't think it takes me that long to prep them, but I do have a hard time deciding. And then there's the fact that Blogger seems to take an eternity to post photos since you can only do five at a time. Here are our photos from the week (not including my shower - over 80 photos are on my camera from the shower so I'll go through those and post them separately)...

Grandad (Kit's dad) holding Elise for the first time.

She was fascinated by this talking man holding her.

Sleeping soundly.

Showing of her cute preemie overalls from Nana.

Being bashful.

Being held by grandma (my mom) for the first time.

Do you think my mom might have enjoyed this moment just a bit?

Random photo, I know. But on of our neighbors, Colleen, bought and wrapped this beautiful present for us. Her husband walked it over (picture any man walking across the street with a big, beautiful, pink package and you get the idea). We were leaving the house at the time, and all Kit saw in the rear view mirror was something big and pink. Anyway, I though the wrapping was beautiful so I snapped this right before opening it. Thanks, Colleen!

Bringing in the car seat.

The many signs outside the NICU. I forgot to take pictures from when Elise was in the West NICU but figured we just might want to have a small memory of this place she's called home for so many weeks.

The sink where we wash our hands every day. Bottles are stored above the sink so that's where we get our stock for storing and bringing in milk to Elise.

Big yawn. Can you see those rolls on her thigh?

Striking a pose. This shows of her adorably chubby cheeks and cute double chin.

Showing off her wash cloth bib.

Burping time.

She decided to start farting when I handed her to Kit. And because they fortify her milk with formula, her gas and poop both stink really badly.

Yep, it stunk.

But daddy loves his little girl no matter how badly she smells.

We came in last night to find her with her hat halfway down her face, her pacifier under her chin, her nasal aspirator almost on top of her head, and a Post-It and two sterile wipes on her tummy. She's a big multi-tasker.

Yesterday while sorting all of her laundry to be washed I realized that we hadn't brought this outfit to the hospital, and it says "0-5 Pounds" in the tag. Well, the length was about right, but I'm not sure what 0-5 pound baby is ever going to be that chubby. It's an absolutely adorable outfit (see next photo for matching sleeper) though. Thanks, Kim and Christi!

Here's the matching sleeper. A little big everywhere in the width but stylish nonetheless.


steph said...

Miss Em,
Little Miss El looks wonderful and I love the picture of her and your Mom. "Bring her home day" will be the best!!!

Stephanie said...

She's adorable and looking great! I love those pics...can't wait until you're taking them at'll be here in no time:)

Ceece said...

I'm so glad you're shooting photos of the NICU surroundings. When my firstborn was in the NICU my mother in law took pictures of EVERYTHING, from the medicine pump, the sink, the her weight chart. At the time I thought it was so goofy, but at 4 years later I still pull those shots out and revel in my gratitude, praise and amazement!

Becca Sue Congdon said...

What wonderful pictures! :)

I remember when we were supplementing with formula at the beginning... gotta' love those stinky formula farts. :) I was glad to be done with those!

Will they still fortifying your milk once you bring her home?

~Amanda~ said...

I can't believe how big Elise has gotten since you last posted pics of her. She's a beautiful and precious little angel! :) Praise the Lord!