Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day & Over 6 Pounds

Last night Elise weighed in at 6 pounds, 0.8 ounces. She actually hit 6 pounds, 0.2 ounces the night before but I was waiting until she got close to my birth weight to announce that she had hit the 6 pound mark. I was born full term at 6 pounds, 1 ounce so Elise is very close to what I weighed. I've always thought I was a small baby (and I was for full term), but Elise seems like a little giant compared to the tiny girl she was when she was first born.

Yesterday I slept in (though I awoke feeling less rested that usual since it was a restless sleep interrupted every 3 hours by the need to pump - oh well), and then we spent the rest of the day at the hospital. By shift change/dinner time, we were both exhausted from the past few weeks worth of fatigue all setting in as we just relaxed in the NICU while Kit read and I cuddled with Elise. So at dinner Kit watched the basketball game on television, and I alternately slept on the table and stared blankly out the cafeteria window.

Elise hasn't had a big spell since Saturday morning (unless she had one overnight as I haven't talked with the nurse or doctor yet today), which is wonderful. I believe the doctor said we're wanting to get 3 or so days without a big one. Please pray this week goes well.

We have some exciting news about Anthony, Elise's little friend who was on the ventilator since a couple of weeks before she was born. He's been breathing on his own for a while now, and his parents just got the news that they will be taking him home soon!! He still isn't able to take his full feedings by bottle so they're learning how to put the feeding tube in for the occasional times when he can't eat everything on his own. And yesterday their nurse let them put him in a little red wagon with lots of pillows and roll him down the hall (with a portable monitor) to go spend some time outside on the balcony near the NICU. How fun is that? We couldn't be happier for Anthony's progress! Please keep him and his parents, Paul and Susan, in your prayers as they are now at a similar place to us of just waiting for that day in the not too distant future when they're told they can take him home.

Ellie gave me lots of cuddles for Mother's Day!


Claire said...

Cuddles with your girl sounds like the perfect Mother's Day gift. :-)


Krista said...

everytime i see you cuddling with Elise, your smile is SO big! It's contagious! =) I love it! =)
Happy Mother's Day, Emily!