Friday, March 13, 2009

Afternoon Visit

Our afternoon visit went well. I took Ellie's temperature, which was normal (can't remember the exact number) and changed her diaper. The nurse said we can now just throw away her diapers as they aren't weighing them anymore. We talked with Ellie for a bit after her diaper change, and then they did her facial. Before the gal even started suctioning, Ellie started doing the cutest little short whines. She even got the attention of a gal working at a desk near her area. The suctioning went well, and the nurse gave Ellie her afternoon milk snack. They've actually moved her up to 1 cc every two hours. She still isn't processing all of the milk, but she's making progress.

She's also off of the blue light now and was wrapped up in a cute little pink receiving blanket. The plastic she had been in was to help keep her moisturized under the lights since they can dry her skin out more quickly. They'll keep monitoring her electrolytes, and if her sodium levels become too high, she'll go back under the light.

We were given a new job today - moisturizing her skin with Aquaphor. I had noticed the Aquaphor in her little basket yesterday but wasn't sure what they were using it for. Now I know, and Ellie and I use the same beauty product (I use it on my eyes where I tend to have really dry skin). Kit did a fantastic job getting her all moisturized, and I let her know that her daddy put lotion on my legs today too (can't bend over to do it myself comfortably). So again, she and I have even more in common with our beauty routines.

Each day we're getting more of the NICU routine down. We asked her nurse today about the frequency with which we can hold her (after she offered to let us this afternoon but we chose to wait until tonight when we could spend more time). The nurse said that we can plan to usually hold her once per day for now and then see how she does with that. Once she stays rested with once-per-day holding, we can try twice-per-day. As with everything, we may increase and then decrease the frequency as her little body fluctuates.

Coco can't wait for Ellie to come home.

Getting her all clean and happy.

Almost set on the diaper change.

Mommy and daughter.

All wrapped up again looking pretty in pink.


Becca Sue Congdon said...

Little pink Ellie burritos are the best kind of burritos!

Unknown said...

So tiny and SO precious!!!

Melissa Nickerson said...

She looks so much more comfy in that pink blanket, though I'm sure the plastic was nice too...the blanket just looks a bit cozier! Much love!

tcw said...

Oh you both are so beautiful. I'm so excited to see you both. You are so blessed and God is so good!