Friday, March 13, 2009

Facial & Weight

Kit was able to do his second diaper change last night for Elise. He was nervous, she cried a bit, but he did a wonderful job. Afterward she held his hand to let him know everything was okay.

When we first arrived, she was also down to 21% oxygen, which is room air. They had to turn her up a bit while we were there, but it's normal for her levels to fluctuate. It's just such a blessing to see her making progress.

She weighed in at a whopping 2 pounds, 5.6 ounces last night. This was a 0.2 ounce gain from the previous night. Not exactly growing like a weed, but the small gain is good. She hasn't been tolerating her feedings of my milk very well so they may be cutting back her intake. We'll let you know when we hear, but it's completely normal for her to go back and forth as far as being able to tolerate having milk.

I was able to get some video footage of the nostril cleaning portion of Elise's facial last night. She's a trooper and makes sure the respiratory therapist is very aware of how she feels about the process. (Be forewarned that, although I do fine watching this happen in person, I almost broke down crying watching the video because her cry just makes you want to scoop her up and kiss her...maybe it's just because I'm her mom, but I don't want anyone to complain if they end up crying.)

Daddy's second diaper change.

He succeeded.

Ellie reassured him after the diaper change by giving him big squeezes with her tiny hand.

So precious.

Her cute little foot.

Her oxygen level (it lowered to 20.9 as I took the picture, but was 21 two seconds before this).

Our big girl at 2 pounds, 5.6 ounces.

From March 12, 2009 Video

Click on the picture above or the link below the picture to watch the video.


Unknown said...

Dude, I'll be honest I dont think I have the guts to watch the video...I've cried enough lately:):) But the photos are AMAZING! Her littleness and yet her obvious strength are incredible:) I'm attached to her and I'm not even her mom:):):) Jus the incredibly proud AUNT!

Unknown said...

PS. I bet her diapers are small enough to fit my barbies...not that I still have barbies in my house, but you could imagine.