Wednesday, March 11, 2009

March 10, 2009

We forgot our camera every time we went to visit Ellie yesterday day; however, last night her nice nurse took a couple of photos while her tubes were out and her hat was off. Not only did I get to see her little hair for the first time, she opened her eyes for me for the first time as well (as seen in the first two pictures). At first she was just opening the left eye and squinting the right eye, but then she opened them up nice and wide. The photos below are pictures of the pictures the nurse printed for me. I'll plan to get them scanned at some point so that they're more clear, but here they are as is for now.


Watts Family said...

We will be praying for you and your sweet Ellie.

Many Blessing from Texas,


Unknown said...

Every time I see little pictures of Ellie my hearts MELTS!!! My niece is so beautiful and i am so grateful the Lord is taking such amazing care of her!!!...either that or the Wagner gene is doing a FABULOUS job:):) he he, I just can't help myself. And to see the support from so many people...strangers and family and INCREDIBLE!! Love you!

Anonymous said...

Dearest Emily, just looking at your earliest newborn pictures, and Elise looks very much like you did as a newborn. She's just beautiful!!!

Mom/Grandma Lindy