Friday, March 27, 2009

A Treat for Daddy

This afternoon Kit braved Elise's diaper change all on his own. (Usually a nurse or I stand on the other side of the bed in case he needs help.) Ellie was wearing a hospital onesie so I had explained to him how to fold it back up under her back nice and high just in case she was really poopy or pooped while he was changing her to ensure that the onesie didn't get dirty. Kit says in looking back, "I should have taken that as a sign."

I was washing my pump parts in the sink with my back to Kit and Ellie. Kit was sweet talking Ellie trying to convince her to be good for the diaper change. All of a sudden I heard this loud squirt and Kit said, "Aw, crap."

"Are you okay?" I asked.

The nurse peeked in from the bed next to Ellie's and laughed. "That's what she did to me yesterday except I had gloves on."

"I'm going to need your help," Kit said to me.

I came over to the bedside to see poop all over both Ellie's dirty and clean diapers, her receiving blanket, her quilt, the bottom wall of her bed and Kit's hands. Hehe.

While Kit washed his hands, I got Ellie cleaned up, and together we put a clean diaper on her. She calmed right down and was ready for her cuddle with daddy. Kit on the other hand was ready for a nap (or at least some video game playing) to relieve the stress he had just encountered. Having a baby can be so fun.

As for Ellie's health, she weighed in at 2 pounds, 13.2 ounces last night. Today the doctor increased her calories to 27 per ounce. She's still getting 7 cc of milk every hour via continuous drip feeding since they don't want to increase her fluid intake too much with her CPAP on as it can cause problems.

Last night Kit and I went to a NICU parents group meeting. The meeting happens once a month and is led by former NICU parents. It was a good chance to meet some other families and to hear their stories. We arrived a little late so we missed the story of the parents of the little boy next to Ellie; however, we did get to talk with them more after and found out they live pretty close to us.

It's hard to explain what it's like being a NICU parent, especially to be one who has a baby there for more than just a few days or even a couple of weeks. It's a very difficult and vulnerable place to be. I didn't realize until last night the fullness of the strangeness. I've always been a pretty independent person and haven't ever been in a place like this where I basically can't do anything but rely on the Lord and on other people. (It's ironic what the Lord does when you ask Him for wisdom and to teach you to trust fully in Him - a prayer Kit and I had been praying more fervently in the weeks leading up to Ellie's birth.) It was nice last night to be with a group of people in the same place of difficulty and vulnerability and to hear that others are going through the same things we are.

Showing off her cute pink flower socks last night. She loves to kick her feet out of the end of her blankets.

Reaching her hands out of her blanket. Another favorite position.

Looking cute with her hands next to her face.

Grabbing at her cheek.

Looking bright eyed and adorable. This photo really shows how much the CPAP hat is stretching her little head.

Looking cute in her hospital-issue onesie today.

She kicked up her legs just as I took this picture. She wanted to show you all her amazing kicking skills.

Her beautiful face after her facial today.

Cuddling up with daddy.

Enjoying her pacifier.


Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,

Loved the diaper story! we had one of those with Riley one of our first days home. Sounds like she's got good tummy muscles to pull that off :)

Praying for the continued good news and strength and perseverance for you both! Love Brenda, for the Olsons

Anonymous said...

The pictures are so sweet! We have had similiar experiences with poop and puke!

My husband had once prayed,"God, make me uncomfortable." (So he could trust God more)Shortly after that, he lost his job. I was 6 months pregnant with our son and looking at losing the insurance 2 months before I was due.

Long story short, my son was born 5 weeks early and spent 2 1/2 weeks in the NICU and we only owed the hospital $100 for the both of us!!