Thursday, March 26, 2009


Elise continues to remain stable. Hurray! Her weight was down a bit last night to 2 pounds, 12.6 ounces. Otherwise, they're keeping her continuous feedings at 7 cc per hour with the milk fortified to 24 calories, they're keeping her CPAP at the new lower pressure of 4, she poops with pretty much every diaper (and they're good poops in both size and color), her heart murmur remains the same, and she's not symptomatic of any problems.

Kit asked the doctor today whether they will be doing a head ultrasound this week like they thought they might two weeks ago. He said that they aren't planning on doing one at this point since she's not symptomatic of further hemorrhaging. They will do at least one more before she's discharged but don't have a reason to do one right away.

We're really at the point where she just needs time to continue to grow and develop. So we're taking things one day at a time. She continues to be as feisty as ever and has built herself quite the reputation as such. She and Kit are cuddling up every afternoon, and she and I are kangarooing every evening. She seems to really enjoy these times, and I've found she opens her eyes most when daddy talks to her. She's our precious little gift from God. We are so thankful for her little life and for all the joy she has brought us already.

Thank you for your prayers for Ellie's continued health and growth.

(Sorry, no new photos to post...we'll take some tonight.)


Shane & Ambra said...

I have been following your blog & am just amazed on how well she is doing. She is beautiful & so sweet.

I had a former 28weeker, she was 2.14lbs when born & dropped down to 1.10lbs. She took a turn for the worst on her 3rd day of life, suffereing from a pulmonary hemmorage in both lungs. She was on the oscillator for 2 wks & on 100% O2 for a week. The doctors gave her a 15% chance of surviving due to the extent of her damaged lungs. She was a fighter & pulled thru. She came home after 3 months in the hospital. Today, she is about to be three & is a thriving healthy girl. Just hang in there, I know how the NICU came be a roller coaster ride, but when you get home with her it will be all worth it!! Please, feel free to ask me any questions, I have had a total of 3 preemies. Ages 6, 4, & 3.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that all is going well, we are praising God with you!

Our little girl was fiesty as well and they told us that the fiesty ones come home!

And a side note to her paper towel baths, don't they have washclothes there? Maybe you could bring some in or even a sponge so it is not so rough on her skin.

Take care!

Melissa Nickerson said...

Great news Em! I just read Psalm 127:3, "children are a reward from him [the Lord]". Love you guys!

Jennifer said...

hurray for poop!!! so happy to hear that things are going well!