Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Back on CPAP

As of late yesterday afternoon, Elise is back on her CPAP. I couldn't be more glad to have her back on it. She seemed to have much more stable oxygen levels both last night and today. Also as of late yesterday afternoon, she's now fully getting all of her nutrients from my milk!! Praise the Lord for that! They are still fortifying my milk to make it 24 calories, but 20 of those calories come straight from my milk.

Now that she doesn't have any IV nutrients, she also had her percutaneous line removed! So at this point she only has the following items attached to her:
- feeding tube
- CPAP (which includes two tubes and one wire)
- "leads" to monitor temp, heart rate, respiratory rate and oxygen levels (which includes five wires attached to various places on her belly and under one arm and one wire strapped to her foot)

The "leads" (not sure of the official term for these) are something she'll have on until she goes home so those don't really count as something to be working toward removal of. At this point, it's just the feeding tube and the CPAP that are items she'll need to grow to live without.

They weighed her after we left last night since they didn't do her "facial" at her usual time because she had just gone back on CPAP. I forgot to get her weight this afternoon, but I do know the doctor said that it was a down a bit. I'll post it to the sidebar once we know what it was.

Also, the results of the nose culture are in. The only bugs that grew in the petri dish are those normally found in the stomach. So it looks like she had some reflux that went into her nose and decided to camp out, causing the pustule. So no infection! The Lord is so good, and we are so thankful for His healing and growing of our little girl.

Family time.

Another family portrait.

Daddy/daughter cuddles.

They put my milk in a syringe wrapped in a plastic glove and then put it in a cup of water to warm it. Two nights ago Ellie's nurse Christine drew this picture of a pug on her cup.

Ellie's room.

Ellie room again.

And one last shot of Ellie's room (with her and daddy as well).

Getting comfy for a good nap.

Stretching her little arms.

Ready for bed.

Back on CPAP.

Kangarooing last night.


imaya said...

I came across your blog a couple weeks ago by accident and instantly my heart went out to your family. Each night I check your blog and then pray feverishly for Elsie, and for both of you. I pray that in a year from now Elsie will be running around and discovering the joys of life just as any full term baby would. I pray for you continued endurance, hope and uplifted spirits for both of you. I am constantly encouraged by your faith, and believe that the Lord not only has His Holy Spirit surrounding Elsie's development, but that through this your family will touch so many with His glory. In Christ, Imaya in Portland, OR

Rachel said...

So glad that she is continuing to do well!! Love the pug cup =)!!

Lissa said...

Praise the Lord!I'm glad she's doing better. She is so precious!

Jennifer said...

Hurray for good news! Adorable family pics and LOVE that "ready for bed" one at the end. I bet she still sleeps like that when she's four years old! :o)

Becca Sue Congdon said...

We love you guys! Yay for no infection! Woohoo!

Melissa Nickerson said...

Wow, great family photos! Did you end up getting your haircut like you said you were going to? Also, praying for the possibility with the house!!